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Who is Huck?

Huck is many things, a fox, a mascot, a plush toy, a master of espionage, a rock 'n' roll singer, a detective and an all around bad ass. Huck is a creation of HeadphonesUK's resident artist, Rocky Gems, and myself. When Rocky was commissioned to make the HeadphonesUK YouTube Channel Banner logo, she put a young fox cub in the illustration, in reflection of my frequent reviews of the Farthing Wood franchise. From there, I thought it would be a good idea to have this fox pop up in future thumbnails made for future videos. Rocky then eventually christened him with a name, Huck. This name comes from how every time she made a piece of artwork for the show, she would label it with the initials 'HUK' for HeadphonesUK, this gave her the notion to refer to the fox as Huck, I thought it was a great idea, and from there Huck was born, as he now pops up in almost all artwork made for HeadphonesUK, doing whatever he feels like, and not caring in the process. He's also been part of a contest that I held in 2016, where he would pop up in the videos themselves as a toy fox, and viewers would see if they could spot him each and every time, and since then he's hung out in the background on my shelf, watching over me, waiting for his moment to gain the limelight once again.

Huck is the face of HeadphonesUK, and this website, and isn't he just so CUTE?

Huck Web Image 1.png

Jobs Huck has had

TV Censor
Power Ranger
Time Lord
Rock 'n' Roll Singer
Mad Scientist Assistant
Security Pillow
Bungalow Head
Pest Exterminator
Where's Wally Impersonator
Rabbit Hunter
Wise-Cracking Bat
Reindeer Farmer
World's Greatest Detective
Film Critic
World's Greatest Detective (again)
Fox in a Hoody
Time Lord (again)
Rock 'n' Roll Singer (Again)
Evil Genius' Pet
Chicken Soup Machine Repairman
Stop-Motion Pet
Huklevision Host
Oompa Loompa
Scared Fox
Another King

Other Thumbnails

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