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Who Is George Overington?

I am someone who just wants to make movies, your movies.


I've been enraptured with the world of film and video since I was eleven. Since then I've always wanted to make films, TV shows, short films and promotional videos. I've worked in various media jobs from amateur to professional-from running my own YouTube Channel (see below for more details), making my own short films at university, working for media companies in Sussex, being a runner and prop designer for the Chichester Festival Theatre and making a promotional video for the Southdowns Folk Festival (see Portfolio page for more information). Simply put, I feel that film is my true calling in life.

Who/What is HeadphonesUK?

The YouTube Channel of HeadphonesUK is the other side of my creative coin. It's a channel I've been running since I was thirteen and it's been a great way for me to explore and experiment with different kinds of video techniques like music videos, sketch videos and anything that I felt like making. It is also the birthplace of my mascot, Huck the Fox, whom you have, no doubt, seen on my business cards and on the site. Currently, I've created a decent fanbase through focusing on making comical reviews and retrospectives on various shows and movies. It is the primary type of video you can find on my channel. I still enjoy making videos for this site and there is a part of the site that is dedicated to it, so if it's what you came here for, head on over there. But there's still more to me than just this channel, as you will discover as you venture further into this site.

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