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Why is Tord from 'Eddsworld' Evil now? (Published 18/03/18)

Almost a year ago, the online web series Eddsworld came to and end after 15 years, and did so in spectacular fashion that was a great reflection on the show's history and a dedication to it's creators, contributors and fans.

However, the was one part that a lot of fans questioned, in that an old regular character of the show, who had been absent for quite some time, was revealed to be a bad guy all this time, that of course being Tord.

A lot of people weren't very happy about this ret-con, and felt that it soured their memories of the show and the character in their eyes. Why I personally thought it was a great idea, and executed perfectly, I have thought of a few fan theories that could explain why he's like this now.

My first theory is quite basic, in the old Eddsworld episode Spares the gang were cloned by an evil film director to boost up the ratings for his film. There was a brief moment where we were shown a place where all the imperfect clones were kept, and that the numbering on the wall implied that it was one of many. It's possible then that the Tord we saw in the episode was actually one of those imperfect clones who managed to escape his cell, and went off to try and take over the world. This would explain why his behaves different that the original Tord, and why his voice is slightly different than before, and how in the first part of The End, during a flashback sequence, the original Tord says that he wants to 'make it in the big city', but this doesn't really make sense, as he seems to have joined or founded some kind of private army since he was gone, so how that happened doesn't quite add up.

But, assuming that this is the original Tord, and his adventures since leaving the gang did result in him making his own army, there is another theory I came up with.

In the last episode Tord appeared in, it was also the first time we saw a cameo by frequent Eddsworld collaborator, Paul Ter Voorde, who almost always appears as a soldier working for someone known as 'The Red Leader' who is confirmed to be Tord in the final episode. But, the first time we see him, he's working for a different army, that Tord and the gang were fighting against in Moving Targets, it's possible that after leaving that Tord went and joined this army and teamed up with Paul, and latter Patryck, who is often seen with Paul. It's possible that when Tord was in the army, he was experimented on to make his the perfect solider, which is a little bit out there, but it's something I could see happening in Eddsworld, as Edd did once get super-powers just from a TV satellite, so I could see Tord being made more evil from some kind of military experiment, and after being made more evil, he and Paul then took over the army and made it their own.

However, that still doesn't explain where Tord's giant robot and other gadgets in the house come from if he didn't put them their before he left, which to that question, here's my thoughts.

In the episode Hammer and Fail, Edd and the gang order a new roof from a company called 'Insta-roof', it's possible, however unlikely, that this company was a front for the Red Leader's organisation, and that Tord had planned to install an extension to the old house, and a way to also sneakily put in all his new stuff too. It's a bit of a stretch, I know, since the 'installation' of the roof was just a helicopter dropping a roof onto the house, but stranger things have happened in Eddsworld.

To conclude, while I can understand why people aren't a fan of how they portrayed Tord in the final episode, and while this theory is just me throwing stuff and the wall to see what sticks, I don't think it really ruins the show, and Tord's still a great character either way, but, who knows, if Eddsworld does make a return someday, maybe we'll learn more about what made Tord like he is now.

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