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Top 10 Christmassy songs that have nothing to do with Christmas (Published 7/12/15)

Christmas is a holiday that devours anything and everything around it, and music is no exception. From late October we start hearing Christmas music in the shops and on the radio, but no matter how overplayed it is, we still can’t stop loving it. But sometimes, there are songs that we hear in December, and listen to on our phones and mp3s that have nothing to do with Christmas, but we love listening to them anyway, and here are ten of my favourites.

10. Let it Go-Idina Menzel (Frozen Soundtrack)

Yes, we al listen to this song in December (or for some people, every day of the year…STILL...IT'S BEEN 3 YEARS, WHEN WILL IT GO AWAY?!) but, not only is it not about Christmas, but it’s also not that much about the snow and weather, it’s more about Elsa’s joy and excitement to come out of her shell after all the years cooped away inside, but then again, for some, that is Christmas. A great song, and one we’ll be listening to at Christmas for years to come, because Disney will hammer it into our heads if we ever stop.

9. Any Dean Martin Song

Dean Martin had a voice that was made for Christmas, and while he did do a few actual Christmas songs (Let it Snow), any song he did is great to listen to around a crackling fire on a late December evening, I recommend Everybody Loves Somebody in particular, that’s a great one (and no, that’s not the song from the Blue Brothers, though that’s a great song too).

8. Silence is All You Know-Kathrine Jenkins (Doctor Who: Christmas Carol Soundtrack)

The theme of the best doctor who Christmas special, and yet it has nothing to do with either the season, or even the episode it’s from, but it’s a beautiful and incredible song, sung by an amazing singer, even if it’s supposed to be a tune to subdue space sharks and control the weather (don’t ask, it’s Doctor Who).

7. Distant Horizons-Skyrim Soundtrack

Time for some video game interlude, Skyrim is full of snow, winter weather and presents under tree (if by presents we mean looting people we kill in the forest in the game), and the quiet, wondering music that plays between quests really immerses you into the winter wonderland (full or trolls, giants and dragons) that the game is set in.

6. Battle For Hoth-John Williams (Empire Strikes Back Soundtrack)

What would be more appropriate for a list about non-Christmas things that people enjoy at Christmas than Star Wars? We all watch it at this time of year (that and Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and Back to the Future, thanks ITV for only showing the same movie franchises all year round) so we might as well go with the soundtrack song that is on the Ice planet, Hoth, it may not be very Christmassy, but it's one of the best songs in the franchise, and even uses cues from the Death Star Attack and Sith Lord March music. And when you hear this song, spare a though for the Wampa that didn’t get to enjoy a Jedi flavored Christmas lunch.

5. The Sun and The Rain- Madness

Ok, it mentions Christmas (once), but unlike Last Christmas by Wham!, it neither mentions Christmas constantly, nor establishes that the song is set at Christmas, so it's defiantly not a Christmas song. But despite it’s lack of being about Christmas, it truly sums up the yuletide feel in Britain, no snow, just rain, but we still love the time of year anyway, plus it’s the first song on this list, so far, to have bells in it (and an electric guitar) so it’s perfect for the season.

4. Take on Me-a-ha

Coming close to Santa’s homeland, this song is something that's been a radio favorite since the early 80’s, and at Christmas, that’s no exception. Synth pop isn’t exactly what you’d think of at Christmas, but, nothing makes you want to sing and dance at a party more than this song, so might as well put it on at the Christmas do at the office.

3. Maria-Blondie

Bells, lots of bells (on a synthesiser, maybe, but it still counts). Plus, who says that the ‘Maria’ in the song isn’t referring to Jesus’ mother? This could be the Christmassiest song ever if you take it in that direction. All joking aside, the bells in the chorus and sounds of the city at the beginning truly give the feel of Christmas in New York, and there’s no better place to be at this time of year (and yet, many New Yorkers go to Florida at Christmas, go figure).

2. I Am the Starlight-Andrew Lloyd Webber (Starlight Express)

We all have that one musical we love to watch at Christmas, and while I’m not a fan of ALW, I am the Starlight is a great song to listen too, and given that the character in the song is talking to God, I guess that makes it a bit more Christmassy that it might seem.

1. I Can't Help Falling in Love with You-Elvis

This is it, the one song that, whether you realize it or not, everyone listens to at Christmas. While it makes a reference to ‘wise men’ nothing about this song is about the festive season, in fact, it’s a bit depressing when you think about it, it's about a man who can't bare the fact a woman he can't have is, what he thinks, is his true love (story of my life). But it’s one of the King’s best, and nothing feels better than sitting round the tree with this playing in the background. Also, if you listen to this song, please, for the love go God, make sure it's the original, not all covers of this song are bad, but when it comes to Elvis, you can't beat the King. Also, make sure it's the studio version (which I couldn't find a video of) that one's the best.

But there’s always more song we listen to at this time of year that don't fit the theme, but feel so right to listen too, so feel free to suggest more in the comments, and have a Merry Christmas :)

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