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Most Ridiculous Suggestions for Next Doctor (Published 12/02/17)

With the announcement of Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who after the next series, that's kickstarted the regular speculation event amongst the nerd community, that being, people either guessing or suggesting who the next doctor will be.

And while some of the suggestions have sounded quite good, like Michael Fassbender, Tom  Hiddleston and Olivia Coleman, there are others that have just been ridiculous to even imagine playing the doctor...but, it is still funny to imagine it anyway, so here are some of the most insane suggestions and theories I've seen on who will play the next doctor

Danny Dyer

One of the regulars of the BBC soap, Eastenders, and the man who embodies the ultimate cockney stereotype has suggested that he'd be interested playing the doctor.

While a cockney doctor is something we haven't really seen before, I honestly couldn't see it happening, but even if I dare to hope that I could be possible and still work in the context of the show, Dyer is not the one to do it.

Acting in a soap and acting in a sci-fi drama are two extremely different things, and his very monotone voice and deadpan delivery would not work as a Time Lord

But, if we ever did another spoof of Doctor Who, he would be perfect to be a parody of the 9th Doctor.

Russell Brand

Another bizarre suggestion based on a celebrity saying that he has an interest in being in the show off-handidly.

While Brand does have a very versatile voice (as evidenced by his performance in the Despicable Me movies), and has a lot of energy, his very animated and exaggerated performance and personality could turn many people away (me being one of them for sure), he could work if he went for more of a Second Doctor-kind of performance of an eccentric bumbler, with a little more charisma to the performance, or maybe even the Sixth Doctor, I still can't see him in the TARDIS, though that might just be because I'm worried about what would happen if you put Russell Brand and a woman in her mid-20's in a small wooden box on TV

Bille Piper

With the explanation from last series about why the current Doctor looks like a character that the Doctor had previously met (despite the fact that they didn't have to do that for Colin Baker), it's opened up tons of fan speculation about regeneration drawing from subconcious memories for the next face and body, and that's lead to many hoping to see Billie Piper back in the show, but this time, in the role of the Doctor.

While Billie was in the 50th anniversary as the 'Moment in the Bad Wolf Entity Form' (don't ask), many have missed her on the show, and are eager to have her back, and to also have the Doctor be a woman, so they decided to kill two birds with one stone by having her be the doctor, using the logic of how the Twelfth Doctor took on the appearance of Caecilius from 'The Fires of Pompeii' due to being reminded of a time where he chose to defy the rules of the Time Lords to do the right thing (again, don't ask).

While a character element of being reminded of past mistakes and painful memories by just looking in the mirror is an interesting idea, having the same actress who played the, arguably, most iconic companion of the modern series would be way to daunting and distracting, it would also be confusing to fans who are just coming back in after a long time or those who are only casual fans of the franchise, wondering why Rose is back in the show, but not the Doctor.

Bryan Cranston

Once again, in the longing for something at we've not seen in the Doctor before, one of the most requested actors to play the first American Doctor is Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston.

Cranston is an amazing actor, and I wouldn't deny that he could play an fantastic doctor, but, the reason why I think it would be ridiculous, is that it would never happen.

Even after a year where we thought that everything that couldn't happen still happened, I still can't see the BBC paying the amount of money that they would need in order to both fly Cranston over for filming, and the amount he would require for acting, not to mention how much of a nightmare it would be to get him away from all the other projects he works on in the States

So while I would love to see this happen, I really don't think it will

Idris Elba

Another suggestion that sounds awesome, but I don't think it will happen, even if news websites are trying to swear that it's going to happen

Elba is one of the great modern actors, having an extreme amount of transformity, and a huge fan base, but, because of this, he's in so much stuff, that much like Cranston, it would be almost impossible to get him in a long-term project like Doctor Who

Elba would probably be one of the best options for the next Doctor, while how he would play the Doctor is hard to guess, it could almost be guaranteed that it would be unique to any other Doctor we've had before, and would defiantly help bring in a new audience for the show, and while it's not as unreal as the thought of Cranston playing the part, it's still hard to see him committing to several series of a TV show that is notoriously hard to make, but, that doesn't mean we can't see him in the show as a guest character, which I really hope happens in the next series

Benedict Cumberbatch

Another choice that you could see from a mile away from the fans, but yet again, I don't think it would work

Star of the beloved series of 'Sherlock', Cumberbatch has an almost subcouncoius connection to Doctor Who, by having his show have the same head writer as DW, hence why many people have been clamouring to see him in the TARDIS, but, while he is an amazing actor, a lot of the characters he plays fall into the same category of self-important, selfish, but still brilliant dicks While the Doctor has had incarnations like this before, such as the first, ninth, twelfth and arguably even third and seventh Doctors, they all still had that sense of relatability and love of humanity that made them great characters to come back too, and while Cumberbatch also has performances that keep you coming back, part of his magnetic charm is his unapologetic and almost misanthropic nature, so that would make him a difficult choice for the Doctor, and if he dialled it down too much, then it would feel like Cumberbatch, so it would really be a case of being caught between a rock and a hard place

However, that would make him perfect to play the Master, and if Elba gets the role of the Doctor, then that would be an amazing battle if acting egos Despite these odd suggestions for the next face of the universe's oldest physician, I'm still eagerly awaiting to see who will play the Doctor next, despite how sad I am that Capaldi is leaving.

Either way, the doctor is a character that I just hope that the BBC does justice by who they pick to be the next version of...just so long as it ins't Shrek (and yes, there are some fans that have been suggesting that, world's going nuts right now)

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